Protect and get the most out of your great idea with a great patent!

All patents are not the same. An expertly written patent carefully and exactly tailored to protect your idea can make the difference between millions of dollars in your pocket... or nothing at all.

Patents vary dramatically in strength and worth. The U.S. Patent Office deals with five different types of patents. Each of them is designed to do something different. You should seek the type of patent best suited to serve you! Additionally, a patent may cover so little that no one would ever even think of using the patented technology. Such a patent can be easily designed around, and it has little intrinsic worth. On the other hand, a patent may cover so much that it will be thrown out by a court if anyone ever tries to enforce it. The best patents are crafted to hit the "sweet spot" between covering too little and covering too much.
I can help you secure a valuable patent for your idea. I have helped many people and organizations of all sizes obtain and enforce patents.

Patents can cover a lot of things not even listed in the patent laws in addition to the specific subject matter they list. Patents can protect systems, methods (such as methods of doing business), and improvements to systems and methods. Did you know, for example, that computer software may include patentable aspects? In order to get a great patent for your idea you need someone with lots of experience.

There is Good Reason to Act Now. If you don't explore all your options with regard to your great idea, statutes set up to encourage "diligence" will make it too late for you to do anything and you will likely come to wish that you had acted when you had a chance.

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